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Cygnus Alpha Events is returning back to where it all started and will be reuniting cast and crew members of Blake's 7 with fans of the BBC Cult Classic. 2021 will be 40 years since the show went off the air with it's unforgettable last episode, transmitted in December 1981!

Teleport Day will be a virtual Blake's 7 event taking place over Zoom. There will be a total of 5 Zoom chats with cast and crew members.

Tickets cost £35.00 and come with a specially produced post card, which will be signed by one of the guests taking part. You will also have the chance to purchase autographs from all of the guests taking part.

Click on the above image to purchase tickets

Click on the above image to purchase autographs


(All times are UK Times)

*Carol Royle appeared in the series 1 story "Duel" but will be taking part in the 3rd Zoom chat.