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Spring Bank Holiday Monday 25th of May

Starting at 10:00am (BST)

A collection of newly record Zoom chats with cast and crew members from the BBC TV Series, Blake’s 7.

Cygnus Alpha: London in 2019 was our last ever Blake's 7 event. Or so we thought!

After being inspired and encouraged by people putting together online virtual conventions, we felt that we could and should do something. We have made contact with many different people from the world of Blake's 7 and beyond and have chatted to them about their memories of Blake's 7 and much more, including home made jam, stinging nettles and just how does Zoom work?

Each guest has given up their time for free and we are so grateful to them all.

All videos will be released on our Youtube channel (don't forget to like and subscribe) from midday on the 25th of May. Our you tube channel can be found by clicking the below link.

Tweet Along

After the final interview has been broadcast, we shall be starting a tweet along to the last episode of Blake's 7, 'Blake'. Joining in with the Twitter fun is actress Sasha Mitchell who played Arlen in the episode. But that is not all! Sharing he words of wisdom and pictures of glory, the man with no name who is behind the Twitter sensation @MakingBlake's7 will be taking part as well. Follow him now! This starts at 7pm BST.

The hashtag will be #DownandSafe.

You can find and follow us on Twitter. Search for @CygnusTweets and follow us.

Click above for the Cygnus Alpha Events YouTube channel

Make sure you like and subscribe!

Running order

Confirmed Contributors

Sally Knyvette


Season 1&2

Vivienne Cozens & Bill Lyons

Director & Script Writer


Brian Lighthill and Colin Davis

Director & Script Writer


Michael E Briant

Season 1 Director

Making Blake's 7


Sasha Mitchell



Michael Keating


Season 1,2,3 & 4

Mark Wright (Writer)
John AInsworth (Producer/Director)
Trevor Baxendale (Writer)
Steve Lyons (Writer)

Big Finish

Brian Croucher


Season 2

Cygnus Alpha Events would like to thank all the guests who have contributed.

Thanks also go to Paul Barson for his hours of support and messages at all hours day and night.

Thanks to Sophie Henderson for the encouragement.

Thanks to Charlie Francis of for editing all the videos which have taken him ages and he has done this out of the kindness of his heart (We owe you lots of praise and pints).

Extra Thanks to Brian Croucher, who planted the idea into our heads in the first place

And of course huge thanks and virtual flowers to Jo Baynes-Kubiak who has become an "events widow" once again!